poros abiertos hombre

How to minimize visible pores for men

First of all, sure that before getting to this article you have read many others where the title was "how to reduce pores" or "how to get smaller pores", ... Pores have their size and cannot be reduced, what we can do is hide them, keeping the skin clean and healthy.

One of the main characteristics of men's skin that is different from women's is that our pores are larger, more visible and that our skin produces more oil, thus producing more blackheads. The pores open They are one of the main problems < / span> of skin that we suffer from men.

To stop worrying about open pores, take a look at our treatment for clean and barely visible pores:

1. Cleaning, exfoliation and hydration:

Clean your face when get up and before get in in the bed. The cleaning of the pores on the skin of men is crucial to remove any < strong> rest that you have from the pillow or sweat , avoiding so the pores obstruct .

After washing your face, we recommend that you exfoliate, this can be achieved with exfoliating facial soap , which acts as a cleanser and exfoliator, maintaining pores clean and without obstructions or infections.

As a last step, moisturize the skin to prevent it from drying out . When removing all traces of fat from the skin, it remains unprotected from external factors, therefore using a moisturizer to level the skin's pH and moisten it is as necessary as the cleaning. We recommend using a moisturizer for the pores that is Oil Free (without oils) and preferably have sun protection.

You can get the exfoliating facial soap and the Oil Free moisturizer with SPF15 with a discount in the Clean Face pack.

2. Night cream:

In case you don't want to use a moisturizer throughout the day, you can replace it with a slightly thicker night pore cream, as it contains nutrients that cells will absorb while you sleep.

3. Retinol:

The so-called anti-aging miracle. Retinol is a cell regenerator that dissimulates acne, blemishes and wrinkles.

4. Water:

The hydration is fundamental for keep your functions body properly nurtured. Due to dehydration, your skin will remain dry and brittle.

5. Say goodbye to caffeine, added sugars and alcohol:

This trio to dry your skin and clog your pores. So it avoids the two secondand control the coffee you drink in the morning.

With these 5 simple steps you will be able to hide open pores and have clean and healthy skin, but if at any time you want to go one step further and use an ultra-nourishing skin treatment at home, we recommend the Carbon Detox Masks, that in just 20 minutes manages to hydrate, eliminate imperfections and combat shine, improving acne and regulating sebum.

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