About us

cosmética masculina

Our mission

We are a brand that mixes personal care with the focus of the body-mind health. We believe that living consciously is taking care of yourself inside and out.

We believe that this world needs more dreamers. People hungry to achieve, to give, to serve, to fight, to impact, to love, to show sensitivity. More humane. Less perfect. Without taking it too seriously.

Our mission is simple: we want to provide all men with high-quality personal care products. Although we know there are great products out there, most are not specifically designed for men's skin, which is 25% thicker than women's.

We are here to make your life easier with specific treatments and our BOXes the most famous routines in 1,2,3 format!

Our products

We transform our BOXes into routines without complications. Through our skin test, with a participation of more than 8000 men, we have found out your most frequent problems. And thanks to your responses we have created the BOXES 📦 , simple formats where you will receive your treatment in 3 steps - 3 minutes a day.

Our promise

We are dedicated to making our products of the highest calidad, accessible and convenient, without compromising sustainability. All our manufacturing is made 100% in Spain, we are a cruelty-free brand and we want to reduce the plastic of our packaging to 1% in the next year.

We take your skin and your health seriously: that's why we offer each subscriber a free consultation with your skin coach to help you choose the best treatment for you. If you prefer, we can also help you by Whatsapp.

boxsr piel hombre

Difference between men's and women's skin

Skin varies according to gender and men's skin is 25% thicker and ages more slowly mainly due to testosterone. It also contains more collagen and looks more compact and firmer. Wrinkles appear later, but when they appear they are deeper.

According to our study of 2000 men between 30 and 50 years old, 66.7% have oily skin or shine in the T zone. Men have oilier and brighter skin than women, since it produces twice as much sebum and its pH is lower. This causes them to be more prone to impurities and acne.

Although wearing a beard is fashionable, in general, men spend about 3,000 hours throughout their life by trimming your facial hair and as a result of the friction of shaving your skin becomes more sensitive and reactive.

Man's skin care

While women tend to use many different products in their daily beauty routine, men prefer simplicity in their skin care. The easier and simpler the process the better.

BOXSR, under the motto "take care of yourself, man", it has been created to help men fight the signs of aging and keep their skin young and healthy, with an innovative men's cosmetics routine formulated with high-quality and effective ingredients. It is only 3 steps and 3 minutes a day adapted to your skin type.

You too deserve a personalized approach to your skin care and our mission is to promote that the pmale audience become proactive in their routine and face every day with a good face.