Fresh & Natural Box
kit natural y vegano de cara y cuerpo. Incluye aceite de argán exfoliante de sal y jabón facial.
Fresh & Natural Box
Fresh & Natural Box
Fresh & Natural Box
Fresh & Natural Box

Fresh & Natural Box

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The BOX that brings a moment of relaxation and spa at home. A must of your bathroom with an incredible and refreshing scent.

✔️For all skin types, also oily or acne-prone
✔️Vegan. 100% natural and BIO ingredients
✔️Glass container and 100% recyclable packaging.

All the products in this Box are 100% natural and organic for clean, fresh and moisturized skin.

1. Mild Exfoliating Facial Soap 140g

This facial cleanser is100% natural and it's perfect forcleansing and exfoliating the skin every day, as it is gentle, suitable for all skin types and has a phenomenal peppermint scent.

Its benefits: clean skin without acne and fewer visible pores.

Jojoba oil and oat flour will leave your skin clean and moisturized and peppermint essential oil will give a final touch of freshness to your skin. Exfoliating soap for face, hands or shower. It is recommended to moisturize your skin afterwards.

2. 100% Organic Argan Beard Oil 50ml

¿Do you feel that your beard is dry, and the skin under is flaky? A few drops of this 100% natural oil and your beard will stay clean and healthy with a great scent that lasts all day long.

Its benefits: a moisturized, soft and shiny beard and skin.

Hydration: It moisturizes your beard, providing shine and softness and is suitable to soothe skin irritations. It also keeps your skin naturally hydrated, reduces acne and prevents signs of aging.

Anti-acne and anti-dandruff: Prevents inflammation of pores (acne) and dandruff.

Helps beard growth: The best thing about argan oil is that it's non-comedogenic. This fact is extremely useful for beard growth as it does not obstruct the pores of the dermis, allowing the hair to grow freely and facilitating its natural growth.

3. Salt Body Scrub 430g

Renew your skin and say goodbye to body acne thanks to our Salt Body Scrub and instantly put you in a good mood with its phenomenal peppermint scent.

Its benefits: a renewed, clean and radiant skin.

Skin renovation: Removes dead skin, prevents body acne and restores tissues.

Detoxification: It removes toxins and restores minerals such as sodium and potassium that we lose during our routine activities.


100% natural, BIO and vegan ingredients

Exfoliating facial soap

INCI : Wheat germ oil, BIO cocoa butter, olive oil, BIO oatmeal, coconut oil and peppermint essential oil.

Salt scrub

INCI: Añana salt, sweet almond oil and peppermint oil.

100% BIO Argan Oil For Beard

INCI: Argan Oil 100% BIO.

Customer Reviews

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Aroma relajante y natural

Deberían de destacar más el olor de estos productos.. son increíbles!!

Israel Barrigon

Me encantan estas cremas y todo lo demas.. despues de años x fin encontre lo mejor para mi..

Nos hace mucha ilusión que te gusten nuestras cremas:) Saludos del equipo BOXSR!!

Cada día me gusta mas Boxsr

Decidí comprar este pack porque a mi pareja le han salido granitos en la espalda, después de tres veces que le he puesto la exfoliante se le han reducido un montón. Y como me gusta el olor, parece que estes en un spa. Además, tienen detalles que se agradecen mucho tipo: escriben notas personalizadas con tu nombre, me pusieron una pegatina pequeña de los tres hombres de la serie Friends con mascarilla facial, viene muy bien empaquetado...

Muchísimas gracias por tus palabras Raúl, nos encanta oír que os guste la experiencia BOXSR:) Saludos del equipo BOXSR!!

Excelentes productos naturales

Excelentes productos para complementar mi rutina 1 2 3. Me encanta el olor a hierbabuena!

Gracias por tus palabras Fran y saludos del parte del equipo BOXSR!!