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Acne on the chest: Causes and how to fix it

As we grow into manhood, we leave some things behind. Other things, like acne, can follow us into adulthood no matter how much we wish they wouldn't. 

Acne on the chest is easy to hide, but you know it's there. 

It can be painful and scarring, not to mention it can be unaesthetic and make you feel self-conscious at the beach or when you're with your partner. 

Treating chest acne with ineffective solutions can be expensive and frustrating. 

But there are solutions available that can help clear up your breakouts. Understanding why you're dealing with chest acne breakouts can help you make informed decisions and get the help you need.

What you should know about acne on the chest

- Acne is the most common inflammatory skin condition in Spain. 

- Acne on the chest, arms or elsewhere on the body is caused by dead skin cells clogging pores and trapping oil and bacteria, leading to inflammation. 

- There are several different types of acne spots or lesions. 

- The severity of acne is determined by where on the body it is located and the amount of acne that has painful, inflammatory pimples. 

- Acne on the chest is usually more severe than acne on the face. 

- Severe acne may require treatment with prescription antibiotics and topical retinoids, under the supervision of a health care provider or dermatologist. 

What you should know about acne 

Although it usually first appears during puberty when hormones are disrupted, acne can appear at any age.

Four factors contribute to the development of acne: 

  • Dead skin cells clogging pores or hair follicles (known as hyperkeratinization).
  • The production of oil or sebum, 
  • A bacterium known as Propionbacterium acnes (P. acnes). 
  • The inflammation that occurs as a result of all this.

The result of these four factors are acne lesions. 

There are several types of blemishes: 

  • Comedones which include blackheads and whiteheads.
  • Papules.
  • Pustules.
  • nodules  
  • cysts.
  • Some of these lesions may be small and painless, while others may be deep and leave acne scars.

What causes acne on the chest?

Like acne elsewhere, acne on the chest is caused by oil production, clogged pores, inflammation and bacteria. 

That said, there are other factors that could make you more prone to developing chest acne. 

  1. Skin care products that prevent you from sweating.
  2. Excessive sweating.  
  3. Clothing that irritates the skin. 

These can be some of the causes of chest acne.

Interestingly, chest acne is often more severe than acne that develops only on the face, especially when combined with acne on the back. Chest acne is usually classified as moderate to severe, rather than mild, which means it may warrant more intensive treatment.

How to remove chest acne 

As with all types of acne, using the right skin care products is a good place to start.

Taking care of the area is crucial for chest acne breakouts. 

Gentle shower gel

Switch to a gentler gel, even if you don't think too hard when buying your gel, your body absorbs everything. Choose a gel for sensitive skin, preferably with natural ingredients, no parabens or sulfates.

Exfoliating is key

  • Our 100% natural exfoliating soap is our bestseller against all types of acne, being gentle it does not irritate the skin and keeps the area clean.
  • Our Salt scrub will help you remove dead skin from your chest, preventing pores from clogging again and already inflamed pores from becoming infected.

The larger and more painful the nodules and pustules you have, the more severe the acne will be considered when diagnosed by a dermatologist. In case you suffer from severe chest acne, we recommend you to go directly to a dermatologist.


  • Kevin Rojas Salazar

    Hola ase una semana me ha comenzado salir acné en la cara y en el pecho y un poco el espalda q puedo ser me pueden ayudar..

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    Hola, apenas me esta comenzando a salir acné en el pecho en la parte de arriba y pues llevo desde que comenzó la pubertad, me lleva saliendo demaciado acné en la espalda a tal punto que parece que tengo pecas,soy del Estado de México así que no se que me recomendaría más, lo eh intentado todo y nada. Al igual me lleva saliendo mucho en la cara desde hace un año de lo cual jamás me salía (es hereditario que no me salga en la cara), así que no se que más podría hacer.

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    Hola tengo 16 años y tengo un grave acné en el pecho y espalda dónde puedo conseguir los productos.

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    Mi pareja sufre de acné en la espalda quisiera ayudarlo con los productos dichos en la información

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