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 beneficios de distribuir cosmetica masculina

We are a brand that combines personal care with a focus on the health of the mind and body.

Our mission is simple: we want to offer all men products of < strong> high ca lity for your personal care . Although we know that there are great products, most cosmetic lines are not specifically designed for men's skin.

Our best-selling BOX are a success thanks to their simplicity and quality, offering a complete and easy-to-follow routine with the 1,2,3 strategy!


We are growing and many people ask us every day if we have a distributor in their city.

Find out if you share the values ​​ of BOXSR and if we can join forces to go further.












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Benefits of distributing BOXSR

The best ingredients: Our products contain a high% of active ingredients so they are highly effective. In addition to being cruelty-free, most products contain totally natural and vegan ingredients. We also manufacture everything in Spain.

Products that hook: The public is more demanding every day but our best reference is our customers: 1 in 4 customers buy our BOX again in less than 4 months.

Join our marketing: At BOXSR we put a lot of love and care in our communication and marketing and you would be part of our growing community.

Customers rate us 4.7 out of 5 

Discover our best-sellers



✔️ Botanical innovation routine to achieve balanced, renewed and radiant skin
✔️ For all skin types , even the most sensitive
✔️ Light gel-cream textures with rapid absorption
✔️ High concentration of active ingredients
✔️ Vegan. 97% ingredients of natural origin
✔️ glass containers and 100% recyclable packaging.



✔️ Routine of high hydration and protection: anti-shock wrinkle treatment
✔️ Minimize the appearance of wrinkles
✔️ blurs lines of expression
✔️ Action of padding and more density
✔️ For mature and / or dry skin
✔️ creamy textures
✔️ High concentration of ingredients assets

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The BOX that brings a moment of relaxation and spa home with an incredible smell and refreshing.
✔️ For all kinds of , skin also oily or with acne
✔️ Vegan. 100% ingredients of natural and BIO origin
✔️ Container glass and packaging 100% recyclable.

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If you share our values ​​and want to grow together, write us whatsapp or through the form to ask us about the conditions.