Como arreglar las uñas mordidas en hombres

How to fix bitten nails for men

Nail biting is a hobby that we began to have as children but if it persists, we pay the consequences in adulthood. Boys' nails have never been given much importance ... we can think that manly hands and masculine nails are those that have worked, hard and dirty, but the reality is that they have not.

The other day, talking with a friend, the topic of hands was raised, and how she attached great importance to men having pretty nails. This surprised me, I had never given much importance to my hands ... and I kept asking my surroundings. Apparently, within the first impressions when it comes to assessing if someone is attractive, the hands play a important role.

But, what are perfect men's hands like?

Well, according to my research, they should be well-groomed hands, with healthy, clean, strong and long nails.

Here those of us who tend to bite our nails play at a disadvantage. And apart from the impression we can give, nails bitten have other types of consequences harmful :

  • Can make the skin around the nails feel sore
  • It can damage the tissue that makes the nails grow, giving rise to looking nails abnormal
  • They can also create infections , infected bitten nails can reach the limit of having to remove them.

Don't worry, there are treatments and remedies for bitten nails:

  • Keep nails short , it helps to avoid the temptation to bite them.
  • Use a nail polish with a taste bitter to avoid unconsciously biting your nails.
  • Get your manicure regularly, so you will see the improvement and if you spend money it will make you more angry to spoil everything.
  • Find your trigger , be it boredom, hunger or stress, the moment you find out you will be much more aware when it happens to you.

In advanced cases, it is recommended that you go to a specialist. There are treatments to harden the nails, to hydrate them and even reconstruction for bitten nails.

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