Ejercicios de suelo pélvico para hombres: ¿Cuáles son los beneficios?

Pelvic floor exercises for men: What are the benefits?

Have you ever heard of pelvic floor exercises? Although pelvic floor exercises are often thought to be for women, men can benefit a lot from them.

Do you have bladder control problems or are you struggling with erectile dysfunction? Kegel exercises are worth trying. They can also be a great companion treatment to taking an erectile dysfunction medication.

This type of exercise has been shown to help premature ejaculation. But here's the thing: men can also benefit from pelvic floor exercises.

This is what you should know about the pelvic floor:

The floor pelvic is a group of muscles in the shape of a hammock that extends from the pubic bone to the tailbone . As we have already mentioned, help the function of the bladder and the intestine .

If your pelvic floor muscles are strong, they can help prevent urine and stool leakage.

Healthcare professionals sometimes specifically recommend pelvic floor muscle exercises for men with incontinence problems.

However, another thing in which muscles of the floor pelvic strong can help is sex .

There are many things that can cause a weak pelvic floor, such as:

  • Surgery for bladder or bowel problems
  • The overweight
  • Lift weights constantly
  • Age
  • constant cough (like a smoker's cough )
  • Exercise of high impact

You probably don't even realize it, but your pelvic floor muscles are activated many times throughout the day.

For example, when you urinate, you relax those muscles and then squeeze them to stop the stream. These same muscles also control the intestines.

Another area that the pelvic floor helps? In the development and maintenance of an erection.

The benefits of pelvic floor exercises for men

There are several studies showing what strengthening these muscles can do. These are the benefits most common.

Bladder control

Since we've already talked about it, we won't go too far: Incontinence can be caused by a variety of things, including prostate removal, overactive bladder, and diabetes. If you have trouble controlling your bladder, pelvic floor exercises can help.

Erectile dysfunction

A study revealed that 40% of men 20 years or more who suffered erectile dysfunction erectile stopped of suffer it after performing pelvic floor exercises after six months.

In addition, more than 35 percent of men found that their erectile dysfunction improved significantly.

Premature ejaculation

Research has also found that pelvic floor exercises can help alleviate premature ejaculation problems.

A study of 40 men found that 82.5% of them was able to gain control of his ejaculatory reflex after 12 weeks of pelvic floor exercises

Pelvic floor exercises for men

The good news is that exercise the floor pelvic floor no is so difficult . You don't even have to sweat.

And what is better, it does not take much time: a few minutes a day for several months canin being very beneficial.

So how do you do it? It's not as difficult as it sounds.

First of all, it is essential that you know where are the floor muscles pelvic. An easy way to find them: when you are urinating, try to stop and then start the flow of urine midway.

This squeeze activates the pelvic floor muscles.

Once you've located those muscles, it's time to start exercising them. The following is called kegel and it's a great way to keep your pelvic floor strong.

- Squeeze and hold your pelvic floor muscles for five seconds.

- Relax those muscles.

- Repeat that movement from 10 to 20 times , from three to four times a day.

- A way alternative to exercise the pelvic floor is to tighten the muscles of the anus and then relax them.

Repeat this 10 to 20 times and also repeat that pattern three to four times a day.

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