Tipos de depilación para hombres

Types of male hair removal

Contrary to what most people believe, hair removal has nothing to do with hygiene or health, it is a personal issue linked to aesthetics and taste. Despite this, male hair removal, like other forms of male grooming, is a taboo subject, although more and more men are taking the plunge.

There are many ways of depilation depending on the objectives that each one has. There are more durable forms, others less, and forms little or very painful. We can choose the one we want depending on our needs and objectives.

These are the main types of hair removal:

1. Blade or razor:

These are two of the most commonly used methods, especially by beginners. It is completely painless, since it only cuts the hair and does not pull it out (although there are razors that pull out the hair by the root). The downside is that the hair grows faster, in 3-4 days you have to repeat the process, plus when it comes out again it itches to death. We recommend it for specific moments or when you have no other option, but not for long periods because it can irritate the skin and cause cysts.

2. Depilatory cream:

Although it is a completely painless method, like the previous two, as it has chemicals it can negatively affect our skin. In addition, its durability is short, like the blade and the razor.

3. Waxing:

This is a very popular method because of its durability, which can last up to 8 weeks, depending on the type of hair, although in men this period is usually shorter. Despite this great benefit, it is a somewhat painful method. On the other hand, there are three ways of waxing: hot wax, warm wax or cold wax. 

Waxing is a good choice as long as you don't have a lot of hair.  

4. Laser:

The laser is the most effective method of all, because it destroys the hair follicle, ends the hair permanently and can be performed anywhere on the body. It is quite painful, depending on the area where it is performed, but the result is worth it. Depending on our age and the type of hair, we will need more or less laser sessions.

Generally, the younger the person who depilates, the more laser sessions will be needed to remove the hair completely, since the hormone responsible for hair growth is more active in youth. Another disadvantage is the price of this method. However, although the economic investment seems important, it is the most economical in the long run, since it eliminates hair forever. 

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