¿Tu ropa te crea acné? Los mejores (más transpirables) tejidos para la piel (para los chicos con problemas de acné corporal)

Do your clothes give you acne? The best (most breathable) fabrics for your skin (for guys with body acne problems).

Body acne, acne on the back and / or chest mostly, is a reality that many people, despite the fact that it is not as visible as acne on the face, we suffer and it seems difficult to fix, but actually with very simple changes it can be easily controlled.

Some remedies such as change your diet to a healthier one, cleanse and hydrate your body daily or dry yourself with cotton towels and with great care, it favors the disappearance or, at least, reduces body acne.

However, little is said about the importance that our clothing has in the problem of acne corporal . Perhaps for the first time you will be aware, as I was, that the choice of a shirt can make the difference < / strong> in chest or back acne.

There are fabrics that are more breathable, which help the body acne heal and disappear and there are other fabrics that do the opposite, favor the blocking of pores and the infection of the acne already existing. < / p>

These are some of the fabrics that is better than don't use if you suffer from body acne:


This fabric does not absorb moisture or sweat , so does not allows the skin to perspire , in addition to being a material that comes from oil has a great < / strong> environmental impact.

Denim or denim:

We do not recommend them because of the hardness of the fabric . The rubbing with the skin and the little perspiration can infect the area where the outbreak is located.


Like denim, nylon causes chafing and hinders perspiration of the skin .


The leatherette fabric is one of the least recommended for people with body acne.

Its manufacturing based on polyester and PVC makes it a fabric hard , heavy and not breathable .

On the other hand, the best fabrics for acne < strong> corporal disappear are:


Completely breathable and hypoallergenic, making it perfect for people with body acne.

Linen, chambray or silk are also perfect fabrics for acne prone skin.

These fabrics are especially grateful at high temperatures because in addition to taking care of acne, they are very cool and make clothes not stick to the body, avoiding excess sweat allied to acne.

Finally, although this recommendation is not a fabric, but a tip to help to eliminate acne body: Wear loose clothing.

Whatever your choice between the previous options shown, remember that, if in addition, the fabric is loose you will be helping the double to your skin avoiding chafing .

And remember, body acne, although annoying, is a temporary problem that you will be able to solve. Don't let this stop you from feeling good about yourself.

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